Milton and the invisible coronavirus

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Milton and the invisible coronavirus

Many things are different in the enchanted forest. Milton, Amanda and Conrad and all the other animals are at home in their caves. They are home because the bandit virus corona is making many people sick right now. The three friends learn how to take care of each other and fight corona. But even though it’s a strange time in the woods right now, Milton, Amanda and Conrad are absolutely sure that everything will get better again.


Read “Milton and the invisible coronavirus”

Milton and the Invisible Coronavirus is a book that should be read with the child. The book inspire to dialogue around the corona, and the enormous significance the corona has had for all of us.

The book Milton and the Invisible Coronavirus is available in two versions, with and without exercises. Both editions are shown below.

The work with the exercise book is done in the program Book Creator. Book Creator is a creative digital tool where children can work with audio, images, text and video.

Read more about the book. And see all about the work with the material on the guidance page for parents and teachers


Lydbog "Milton og den usynlige coronavirus"

by Lars Bom

Listen to the Audio book in Danish (English coming soon)

English coming soon

The story of Milton and the invisible coronavirus is recorded as an audio book in Danish
You can hear the book read aloud while you read along in the book. 


Play with Milton, Conrad and Amanda

Milton plays with Amanda and Conrad in the cave. They have fun together.

They’ve made some games for you.

Do you want to play with them?

Milton's hand-wash song (In danish)

by Milton and Jakob Grubbe

Sing with Milton, Amanda, Conrad and Jakob

English coming soon

In the story, we hear how Milton, Amanda and Conrad write a song that they sing while washing their hands.
You can also use the song when washing your hands.


Play flip game with Milton

Here you can compete with your friends. See who gets the most pairs.

When you get a pair, tell about what you see in the picture.

Do you remember the story?