Milton and the cool green energy

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Milton and the cool green energy

Milton is a curious rabbit who loves to go on adventures around the world.
In the story you are going to read now, Milton goes to a very special white country.
The country is called Greenland. In Greenland, Milton visits the boy Malik.
Together with Malik, Milton learns about Global Goal 13 and makes some very special new friends.

Read the book “Milton and the cool green energy”

The book is available in two editions, with and without exercises.

The student exercise book is made in Book Creator. See how to use it in the Teacher instruction.

Play with Milton, Conrad and Amanda

In the book we hear about Milton’s visit to Malik in Greenland.

Milton experiences a lot of exciting new things and he learns a lot of new words.

Here you can play with Milton and his friends. And you can practice the new words.

Play flip game with Milton