Milton and the magical purple rice

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Milton and the magical purple rice

Milton is a curious rabbit who loves to go on adventures around the world.
In the story you are about to read, Milton travels to a land far, far away.
The country is called Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Milton visits the girl Priya.
Priya tells Milton about some particularly healthy rice.

Read the book “Milton and the magical purple rice”

The book is available in two editions, with and without exercises.

The exercise book is used with Book Creator. See how in the Teacher’s instruction.

Play with Milton and his friends

In the book, we hear about Milton’s visit to Priya in Bangladesh.

Milton experiences a lot of exciting new things and he learns a lot of new words.

Here you can play with Milton and his friends. And you can practice the new words.

Play flip game with Milton

Here you can compete with your friends. See who gets the most pairs.

When you get a pair, tell about what you see in the picture.

Do you remember the story?