Teacher instruction – Milton and the magical purple rice

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Milton and the magical purple rice

Milton is a curious rabbit who loves to go on adventures around the world.
In the story Milton goes to Bangladesh. Here he visits the girl Priya, to learn about Global Goal 1 – No poverty.
Before the journey begins, Milton learns about the UN and the 17 Global Goals that must ensure a sustainable future for the whole world.
Milton meets a lot of sweet people in Bangladesh and learns about magic rice, fair trade, solar cells and much, much more.

Read the book “Milton and the magical purple rice”

The book Milton and the magical purple rice is the first book in the series about Milton and the 17 Global Goals. In each of the 17 stories, Milton travels the world to visit children.

In the book students are introduced to the UN and the UN’s ´17 Global Goals. It is Milton’s friend Conrad who in the story teaches Milton and the butterfly Amanda about the goals.

Milton’s universe in the enchanted forest forms the setting for the story, before and after the journey to Bangladesh.

For the work with the book exercises have been made for the students. There are exercises on the student page. These are solved online, either by the students individually or together on the big screen in class.

The students work with the assignment book in the program Book Creator, which can be found on here. In Book Creator, they can work with sound, video, pictures, drawing and other creative narrative forms with the themes of Milton and the magical purple rice.

Student exercise book “Milton and the magical purple rice” for Book Creator 

In the Book Creator exercise book, students will work on exercises based on the story of Milton’s first encounter with the UN’s 17 Global Goals and the journey to Bangladesh.

Students take a copy of the template and can subsequently work with images, audio and video in their own version of the book.

The book and the accompanying teacher’s instruction to the work can be seen below.

Book Creator is available for download as an app or in the Chrome Browser.

Fund and games with Milton, Conrad and Amanda

On the student page, there are games with Milton and his friends. In Find the word game, students must look for words from the story. The word is highlighted and this in turn can provide a good dialogue where students talk about the new words that they have learned in the story.

There is also a small puzzle. Students must collect one of the illustrations from the book. Note that in the left corner you can see the image to be assembled. In the right corner you can choose to have the puzzle shown in full screen.

On the student page, there is also a flip game with pictures from Milton and the magical purple rice.

Have fun with the work.

Play with Milton, Conrad and Amanda

Milton has two really good friends, Conrad and Amanda.

They really like to play together.

Now you can play with Milton, Conrad and Amanda.

Play flip game with Milton and the magical purple rice

In the flip game, students can revisit the illustrations from the book Milton and the magical purple rice.

The flip game can function as an activity for individual use, but is also used for competitions between several students.

You can add an extra dimension to the reversal game and let the students tell about what they see in the picture. That way you can work with the themes from the story.